Sooner or Later

The gig, above, contained some unique successes, and unique 'points to consider'.
Aberystwyth Silver Band played magnificently.


'Sooner or later' is, really, still work-in-progress, but nonetheless some ideas we'd like to share. After exhaustive research + development (many thanks to the Arts Council of Wales) we've been trying to find a way to present a calming and contemplative immersive environment (in a minimalist manner), whilst also offering a challenge - a direct way for visitors to become involved.

Part 1 took place at Aberystwyth's School of Art, where a space was transformed via looped sounds and projected colours. Visitors were invited to contribute to the space via playing notes on chime bars, which were laid out on shelves and plinths. But, of course, there was no pressure - people could 'join in or just watch'.

At the Officers' Club, we raised the stakes - and this time, visitors were able to join in with a complete band - Aberystwyth's Silver Band. And they weren't playing in their usual style, but building chords, simple melodies, and generally producing sounds not normally associated with brass bands (or silver bands). Immense thanks go to the band, and their conductor Geraint Evans, for agreeing to take part with very little arm-twisting.

It's all about the music - music and musicians representing the perfect community, or at least the striving for that perfect community (as it's not, of course, always the case). We hope this direct involvement in the production of highly atmospheric sounds, in a highly atmospheric setting, will do something. All notes played (by chime bars and band) were in the same key, so no chance of duff notes.